A Simple Food Diary.

Healthy or Unhealthy?

Moderation removes the complexity of scanning barcodes or calorie counting, and instead presents a simple interface to quickly record if what you have eaten was healthy or not. What is healthy? That depends on your own goals, but the key is being consistent.

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Visualize Your Progress

Once you have been tracking your food, you will start to see patterns and interesting insights. People who track what they eat are more likely to make better decisions based on their long term goals.

Add Tags for More Insight

Low carb? Gluten free? Chocolate? Use Tags to gain extra insight into your meals. You can tag meals with any information you may think is useful. We even have a dedicated Tag for People, so you can understand how they may be impacting on your eating choices.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

I love the simple motivation of this app. It never crashes and collects just the data needed to help keep you in a healthy mindset.
Amazing app, changing the way I eat
I was using another app for the purpose of logging meals and it was such a slog to record all the details. By contrast this app is a breath of fresh air.
One of the best apps out here
Best app to quickly record and check your meal’s healthiness history. Use it and you will adjust your meals accordingly.

Plus These Great Features

Beautiful widgets help you quickly log meals and keep track of your progress.
Custom Meals
Brunch? Elevenses? Create custom meals to match how you segment your meals throughout the day.
Siri Shortcuts
Quickly log meals using only your voice, or use shortcuts as part of more advanced automations.
Interactive Notifications
In a rush? Log your meals straight from a notification, without even opening the App.
No Account, No Ads
We care about your privacy which is why we don't require your email or the creation of an account. We will never show ads.
Change the look and feel of the App by changing themes or the App Icon.

Tracking Your Food Has Never Been so Easy!

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