Forget calorie counting

One tap food logging ™

Keep motivated with achievements

Actionable insights

Relive the past

Why should I use Moderation?

🙌 Simplicity
  • No need to create an account
  • No food databases to search through 😴
  • No barcode scanning
  • Just quick and easy food logging 👍
🔑 Privacy
  • We don't show any ads 🚫
  • We don't harvest your personal information
  • Which means this won't happen 👍
🚀 Insights
  • Understand when you eat unhealthy 🍕
  • Get actionable insights
  • Achievements keep you on track 💪

Want to hear more from the Moderation team?

We've recently launched a blog where we share our thoughts on staying motivated, avoiding fad diets and our general cynicism towards the health and fitness industry. We also share tips on how to get the best out of Moderation.